The Role of the Pediatric Genetic Counselor:

Work closely with children and parents, pediatricians, geneticists, and other medical specialists to:

  • Figure out if a genetic condition is causing a sick child’s symptoms, and if so, which genetic condition.
  • Teach parents of children with genetic conditions about the condition.
  • Help families of children with genetic conditions to understand and cope with their family's present and future needs.
  • Coordinate and help with referrals to specialist doctors, physical therapy, and help with school.
  • Provide emotional support to patients and families.

Learn more about Pediatric Genetic Counseling through a case example: a Royal Russian 

Some other specialties genetic counselors work in include:

Prenatal: working with pregnant women

Cancer: working with families affected by cancer

Cardiology: working with families affected by heart conditions

General Adult: working with adults