Financial Aid

Financial aid is perhaps the most common resource for students looking for financial help. Financial aid can be in the form of gift aid which you do not need to pay back (see Scholarships and Grants), or a subsidized loan that you pay off (with interest) after you finish school (see Loans).

Most students apply for financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). By applying through FAFSA, you will automatically be considered for financial aid from the federal government, state governments and many colleges or graduate schools. It is a free application process and can result in some big time money. The application process is relatively easy and, depending on how organized you are, takes about an hour. You may also apply for financial aid directly from the college or graduate school that you're applying to.

When applying for financial aid, expect to provide:

  • If you are an independent student: Your financial information
  • If you are a dependent student: Your parents/guardians financial information


If you are filling out the FAFSA to help pay for your degree in genetic counseling, you will most likely be considered an independent student. (For more information about how and when you are considered an independent or dependent student, Click Here)


For more information and a FAFSA application visit their website at:

For information and tips about Federal Student Aid and filling out the FAFSA visit:

There may also be financial aid available through your state. Click here for a list of state government financial aid websites.


Here is a quick video by FederalStudentAid, with the low-down on FAFSA: