Faces of Genetic Counseling

Get inspired! Read about the paths that others have taken on the road to becoming a genetic counselor.

If you are a genetic counseling student or genetic counselor and would like to share your story, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Ana_Morales_Become_a_Genetic_Counselor.jpgAna Morales

Brandeis University, 2001

Ana's first interest was research, but she felt a need to do more and directly impact human health. Now, she brings research into the clinic to help her patients.


Matthew_Thomas_-_Become_a_Genetic_Counselor.jpgMatthew J. Thomas

Johns Hopkins University/National Human Genome Research Institute, 2007

After learning about how genetic counselors help cancer patients in a college course, Matthew worked hard to find genetic counselors to shadow, even though there were none near his college.