Working while you are in college or graduate school can be a great way to pay for some of the costs of going to school. Many schools have part-time jobs available to students and are often conveniently located on-campus.

On-Campus Jobs


Work-Study Jobs and Non-teaching Assistantships

Work-study and non-teaching assistantships are on-campus jobs which involve working for different offices or departments. Work-study positions are funded by the federal government while non-teaching assistantships are funded by the school.

Teaching Assistantships or TAing

A Teaching Assistantship or TA job involves teaching or tutoring undergraduate students at your school. For example, TA's may teach the laboratory section of a science course.


Off-Campus Jobs


Some students also choose to work jobs off-campus. As a genetic counseling student, there may be unique part-time work opportunities available to you, such as working as an assistant in a genetics clinic or as a student researcher.

 Our Tip:

When visiting or interviewing at a Genetic Counseling school, visit their student employment office, or ask the program director about jobs available for students.