How do I apply to graduate school for genetic counseling?

Applying to a genetic counseling program is a lot like applying to colleges for your bachelor degree. You will find that most programs in the United States and Canada require the following in your application:

  • Letters of Recommendation (2-3, depending on the school)
  • Personal Essays: These usually follow questions provided on the application
  • Resume
  • College Transcripts
  • GRE Scores (most schools require that you take the GRE)
  • TOEFL score if you are an international student (for more information www.ets.ofg/toefl)
  • Interview(s)


Our Tip:

It can take some time to gather all the pieces of your application package. Look at the requirements for each school you're interested early in the year you apply to give yourself lots of time to get everything together. Writing your personal essays or gathering your letters of recommendation may take longer than you think!


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